A Leader’s Playbook for Managing Growth, the 15th book by award-winning entrepreneur, leadership expert and brand strategist Paula Morand, challenges the cultural popularity of the theory that growth is difficult. Instead, she believes that we are not wired to stay stuck in the status quo. We are always ready to change, to be innovative and to see our world in new ways.


This book is a guide for leaders and entrepreneurs to get to that natural growth mindset. It answers the question that we must all inevitably ask: “Where do we go from here?” With fascinating real-life examples and a convincing mix of current research into business growth, she reminds us that the growth phase of our leadership and our business can be even more important than the attainment or start-up phase. There is more to gain and more to lose if we can’t grow as we need to. Ultimately, to grow our leadership and grow our business, we must simultaneously grow ourselves.


Brian Tracy

Speaker/Author – Now, Build a Great Business

“This practical, proven system of ideas shows you how to step on the accelerator of your growing business ad increase your sales quickly and predictably.”

DeLores Pressley

Keynote Speaker and Founder of She Elevates™, a non-profit for girl entrepreneurs

“I’ve read lots of articles about the importance of eliminating clutter from our lives, but Paula Morand’s advice to get rid of the clutter we allow into our mental processes is unique and truly valuable.”

Richard St. John

Success Analyst, Author, Speaker

“Paula Morand reminds all of us that deep down, we have the courage to move from the lane we are in to a faster one, and make it a successful manoeuver.”




Bold Courage, the 11th book by entrepreneur, motivational speaker and rockstar mentor Paula Morand, is a passionate reminder that we all have within us the energy, time and skill to be a game-changer.


Combining the author’s riveting personal life story with her creative tool-kit for expansion of the self and spirit, it assures all of us that we can create lasting changes in our lives and be happy and satisfied without abandoning the essence of who we are. If we take life’s journey boldly, we can overcome the doubts and insecurities that threaten to keep us from owning our own awesome.


Prepare your warrior mindset

Identify your breaking point

Free yourself from mental shackles

Believe in yourself again

Stop the noise and seek clarity in the silence

Embrace your vulnerability and wear it openly


Dini Petty

Canadian Broadcaster & Celebrity

“Paula Morand poses a series of ambitious challenges to readers with such enthusiasm that we are confident we can handle them. Weaving the dramatic story of her own life into her narrative, she gives us warm assurance that all of us can create lasting changes in our lives and be happy and satisfied without abandoning who we are. In that sense, Bold Courage is about discovering the essence of who we are now and whether that is the best person we can be.”

Mo Hagan

Vice President of Operations Goodlife Fitness

“The signposts that move us in the right directions in life are already in our own minds. Paula Morand’s latest book, Bold Courage, reminds us that greatness is a destination for all of us if we just reach in and pull out the directions. In an age of distraction, she offers us focus and clarity as we zone in on the destination she calls “awesome.” She uses the narrative of her own amazing life to draw us to consider the circumstances of our own lives and how we can make the most of them.”

Victoria Lennox

Founder and CEO of Start Up Canada

“Candid, provocative and inspiring, Bold Courage is a must read for anyone who doubts they can complete the journey to their career and life destination from where they stand now. It weaves the emotionally uplifting story of the woman named one of Canada’s Top Ten Mentor Rock Stars into a how-to strategy to accomplish your “awesome.” It entertains, educates and enlightens and along the way, it shifts you into fast forward on your own life quest.”



Paula Morand is a leadership building, revenue boosting, strategy expanding keynote speaker, author and visionary. This dreaming big and being bold expert brings her vibrant energy, humor and wisdom to ignite individuals, organizations and communities to lead change, growth and impact in a more bold fashion.  23 years, 25,000 clients, 19 countries, 11 books, Former radio personality, 10x award winning entrepreneur and humorous emcee.  Topics include: Leadership, personal and professional growth, sales, change management, productivity and communications.