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What an interesting journey I have been on the last six months. Upon my return from Africa, I was invited to be involved in an anthology project with 38 other authors. The request was to pen a story of a moment in our life that would in turn inspire others to overcome by giving them hope, inspiration and courage. What resulted in saying yes, was a summer of dealing with emotions that I thought had dealt with years before. It was like I took one last layer off and was finally released from a piece of history that still had a piece of me. Whether it has been released or not, the realization dawned on me that my journey matters….all of it!

I should be proud of who I am, where I have come from and it is from those personal and one of a kind experiences that make up my life that makes me the person I am today.

There is something empowering in realizing this. I work with hundreds of people a year and the majority of the time we are focused forward, moving intentionally toward achieving powerful results while allowing ourselves to “let go” of the past.

I have sinced realized that while I let go of the emotional ties, I can still hold on to what the experience taught me so that I may move, grow and aspire beyond where I was.

“Meaning is derived from the moments in life that matter”
Cheers Paula
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