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Yesterday was an interesting day for me. Got some terrific press in the Financial Post for my new technology venture and at the same time, had to bid adieu to someone that has been speaking ill of me. It is interesting what you learn about yourself, many times more through the negative experiences.

What I continue to learn is this. There is no price large enough to see the rewards of extending grace to a situation or a person.

Rising above conflict, negativity or worry and extending not only grace to yourself but to others is a gift to learn. It also releases you from holding bitterness and anger and allows you to hold fast to the morales and values that set you apart.

Is that weakness or is that strength? Well, for me it is strength.

Today I stand thankful for the people and situations that remind me that I am on the right track. For the ones that give me the gift of seeing and refining who it is I want in my life, both in business and in my personal life and to embrace my gut instinct to know and stand true to my value system and never sway.

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