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The Bold Factor: Striving For Awesome


Got fear? Dump it! Have doubts? Kick them the curb! Negative outlook? Give it a divorce! Feel unworthy? Accept your crown! Got shame? Break up with it! Your future depends on your ability to own your awesome!


What separates those who achieve awesome heights in their life and career from those who don’t? What do the most celebrated high achievers do to guarantee success?


Dreaming Big & Being Bold expert Paula Morand reveals her 6 core strategies to improving the lives and careers of your audience members.


Paula will carry audience members through some vulnerable territory (self reflection) using her quick wit and humour to make each audience member feel as though she is talking directly to them.

Bold Sales: Secrets of Super Achievers


The truth told straight. The real deal on what it takes to be successful in the competitive world of sales. Paula candidly reveals her proven acceleration secrets for super sales achievers and demonstrates how to achieve powerful sales outcomes.


The first step no more excuses! If you think product, territory, and the lowest price are all you need to be successful in sales, think again! In the end it is all about your relationships and how you manage them. Sales a bit of science mixed in with a bit of art and personality, but in the end the biggest secret an opportunity for success in sales is you! This is a big deal, one you realize that….it’s a game changer. You become the unfair advantage in today’s world of competitive sales.


Paula dives right into the challenges of today’s economy providing insight to success principles that have helped thousands of clients realize the sales growth they previously had only dreamt of.


Paula’s big energy and enthusiasm will captivate and engage your sales professionals. Her warm up and warm down approach makes it easy for others to relate to her and get them fired up for more!

Bold Leadership: Leading the Shift


The power of leading the shift from an I can’t attitude to a we will attitude!


Increasing budgets? No problem! Decreasing resources? Less is more! Impossible demands? Find a way! Conflicting people? You’ve got this!


Paula will teach leaders how to lead boldly to create a culture of improved personal growth, a more engaged culture and high performance team. Helping your leaders find ways to obtain extraordinary achievement with ordinary people.

Bold Communication: Bridging the Gap


Imagine what you could accomplish for yourself and with your organization if you could figure out how to always say the right thing at the right time to the right person. Not possible you say? You might be right…perfection in communication is not always possible because of the human factor.


However, how you choose to relate and communicate your message will garner respect from others and directly impact your ability overcome barriers, sell products and services, work as a team, be productive, get excited, feel peace and carve a shorter path from point a to point b and allow you to own your awesome.


Paula will teach audience members the 4 super powers of communication and by using her simple philosophy you can transform any task and point it straight to success.