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The first company I owned in my twenties resulted in having to lead thirty staff members.  With little training on management, I had to trust in my own innate abilities.  I had to forge ahead and learn the best way to keep my team engaged and excited in what our collective mission was.

The responsibility of leading others can certainly be daunting and overwhelming at times. It is also a privilege.  Learning to communicate and clearly articulate what you want from them and being able to define outcomes takes skill and practice.

I learned early on that the best way to create a sustainable culture of engagement is to work on having your team lean in the same direction. When you lean into something you are poised and ready,  focused and present.  In an age where there is a myriad of distractions being able to have your team “lean in” together is a worthwhile achievement.

You can read as many books as you want but the fastest way to get others to lean is for you to lead the way and model the same behaviour that you want from them. 

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