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Shadows. We all have them.  Some bigger than others but there are regrets, experiences, decisions and those less than perfect memories that make us who we are today.   Resiliency is born out of overcoming barriers to which you never thought possible.  

It is often times when you are standing in the light and have the opportunity to reflect that you realize it was those exact trials that made you into the person you are today.

It is how you choose to see your shadows that is the key.  

Instead of self recrimination, regret and despair, take a deep breath,  raise your head up high and go forth with the intention of finding those areas of light that give you hope, purpose and a renewed positivity and passion for life.

Is it easy?  

No. It is hard work getting beyond those things that hold us back. Often times, the hardest being our own self worth.  Choosing to be thankful and showing gratitude is a powerful mindset. Working on how you perceive life and disciplining yourself with positive affirmations and self talk is a powerful tool for embracing a more hope filled life. 

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