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I have been blogging a lot about developing your personal leadership potential.    I truly believe in experiencing opportunities that allow you to grow and learn new things about yourself.   So many times, people will comment that they want to have a career like mine, or take an adventure or have a future of maybe something they deem I have done. Really it comes down to taking action and there are so many people who inspire me to be doing better as well.

Being willing to be curious about what you could do rather than what you think you can’t do is a great place to start.

Through the journey of leading my life in the best way possible, I have also journeyed through fear, doubt, worry and the list goes on. The difference I have found however, is pressing onward and persisting through it.  In seeking my potential, through doing things that may be out of my comfort zone, I always come out on the other side of those limiting emotions and have become wiser as to who I am and my perception of the world around me.

There is nothing that can replace, allowing yourself to have real time life experiences.

Are you going to live life through a book and reading everyone else’s posts or will you grab life and start experiencing it on your own terms?

Food for thought…

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