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We all have an opportunity given to us every single day.  It is the opportunity to shine.

It doesn’t have to be anything big but it should be something.  Making a difference starts in the heart.  It starts with the desire and determination that the spirit of who you are is enough. That God has gifted you with a unique life only to you and that you should use it to it’s utmost potential.

There is no time for couldn’t, shouldn’t or doubting who you are.  Just start with a smile to someone in need or calling a friend when you think of them. Learning how to make your mark is simplistic in its approach. Just go and do and be the best version of you.  Compassionate, caring, humble, loving, empathetic, giving … and the list goes on. We all have many character traits that are most positive than negative. Foster the positive ones and you will, without a doubt, make your mark!

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