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Trying to make decisions and find clarity often results in a time of wrestling. You know what I mean. Those sleepless nights where your brain is on overdrive spinning between trust and worry. Those days where you need to come to a decision about something but have no peace on either side of the equation.

The process of wrestling is a spiritual one. It is digging into the depths of your heart and your soul and to learn to truly listen to that inner voice, in the stillness; and when you feel it and know what decision you need to make, it is being obedient to what you feel and following through with your decision.

“Be still and know that I am God”. This one line always comes to me after a period of wrestling. It is when peace washes over and I find the solution to my problem.

May you find peace on the other side of your time of wrestling. It is there waiting. Take the time to be still and listen.

Have a peace-filled day!

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