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When I was a kid I loved Lego.  When my kids were kids they also loved lego.  What is it about Lego that you can spend hours upon hours of time playing with it?

Well, it is simple to use, the pieces fit together any way you want, and you can build a myriad of ideas.

I was thinking about how complicated life can get at times versus the contented feeling of playing lego as a child.  What if, in times of overwhelm and stress, we had a plan to return to that feeling of contentment by drawing close to those things that remind us of simpler times.

If you are challenged right now, reflect on what you do well. What comes easy and brings you peace and return to there, even if for a time.  There is something about rebuilding, recuperating, readjusting and rewarding yourself with things that are familiar and bring comfort.

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