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Are you just waiting for the day that you get your chance to shine?

Do you just keep waiting in the wings?  Waiting for the curtain to open and to be able to walk centre stage and take your moment?  A defining moment for me happened years ago when a friend of mine was bold enough to ask me if I was ready to take centre stage of my life.

WOW!  For some reason the timing of that and the challenge that went with it, had me thinking and reflecting for weeks.   During this period, I realized all of the dreams I had were in fact possible but it was my own shyness and insecurities that were holding me back and nothing else.

So.. I decided to step out of my own self built shadows and find the thing that makes me shine and take centre stage of my life.  Since that time, I have no trouble taking risks and scouting out opportunities to learn, grow and make a difference.  I have had wins and losses along the way but I know that I will never stop trying to find the light and live fully.

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