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LOVE….it seems like a simple thing but that four letter word is packed with so much expectation and disappointment isn’t it? 

I started asking myself some questions around the word love. 

What love do I extend to others? Is it unconditional and without prejudice or have I put conditions on that love?

What am I receiving in love and am I allowing the fullness or the possibility of love to find me.

…and then I asked myself the question. “What does overflowing in love feel like to me”. Love of my spouse, my children, my friends, my colleagues, my work etc…

How amazing would it feel if I was bursting with joy knowing that even the hidden crevices of my heart were filled with love.

Oh what a feeling that would be!

In a world full of stress, fear, expectation and responsibilities, a little more love may just be what the doctor ordered.

Happy Monday friends.
I love your friendship and wish you a LOVE-filled day!

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