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“Reinvention happens the moment you let go”

Staying in control doesn’t always mean you are on the right path. What if you shift your strategy and let go of those things that you cannot control anyway and that includes your worry as well.

What would happen if you just allowed yourself to see all of the many possibilities that could exist for you? What would that feel like?

What if you allowed God to orchestrate your life in such a way that it had meaning, purpose and you were used to make a meaningful impact?

One of my favourite songs is called The Potter’s Hand. In it, it tells the story of allowing our life to be like a piece of clay and allowing God to transform us into an amazing creation.

The chorus goes like this:

Oh take me, use me, fill me, mold me. I give myself to the Potter’s hand.

Oh call me, lead me, guide me, walk beside me. I give myself to the Potter’s hand.

May God bless you on your week ahead and may you been used in a mighty way.

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