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It is so easy to be negative about ourselves. Picking apart all of the things that are perceived less than perfect. Too bad it is usually that sabotaging part of our brain that won’t allow us to celebrate and embrace those imperfections as perfectly unique about each one of us.

I once heard a speech giving by a man who said that the richest place in the world was the graveyard as that is where millions of ideas not realized, gifts not shared and talents not explored live.  Now is your chance to not live with regret but to accept those imperfections but do it anyway.  Don’t wait for the perfect timing, perfect business plan, perfect bank account… If you wait for perfection it will never arrive as you will most likely find another reason.

Be useful NOW!  Because if you “USE” your gifts as you have them, you will surely have a “FULL” life that will result of it.   (yes, a play on words is always fun once in a while!)

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