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Connor Morand to be Featured Speaker at momondays London         
August 11th, The Western Fair District on the Yuk Yuk’s Stage at 900 King St. London

A Bit About Our Speaker:

Connor Morand is a proud Canadian recording artist and entrepreneur. In 2011 he showcased his talent at the East Coast Music Awards along with a speaking tour to hundreds of youth on the topic of Pursuing Your Passion. The same year his first studio album Matter of Fiction made it into the Top 100 on iTunes.  Connor plays numerous conferences and events and is entrenched in the music scene when he is not studying business at UNB in Fredericton, NB.  Connor has lived and worked throughout Canada and is honoured to be a guest artist for Fusion 2014. 

Connor’s story is entitled “Selling Out”. As a musician, a salesperson and a student, Connor shares his experience as a young adult in the world of work.  His moStory is based on his travels to Alberta selling home security systems and how he has learned the lesson of integrity and the impact that happens when faced with having to compromise it. 

For more info on Connor, find him at connormorand.com or check out his debut album “Matter of Fiction” on iTunes. 

You meet the nicest people at MoMondays!

For Tickets:  www.momondays.com/london

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