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Gilles Bernard to be Featured Speaker at momondays London         
November 10th, The Western Fair District on the Yuk Yuk’s Stage at 900 King St. London

A Bit About Our Speaker:

Gilles Bernard was fascinated about the idea of communication between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. Furthermore, he realized that with this communication it could help people become aware of the power they have to make the changes they desire and to achieve their goals. Knowing that helping others was essential to clinical hypnotherapy, he chose this as his career path 10 years ago.

Gilles story is entitled “I Want To Learn Hypnosis”. 

As a young boy Gilles was fascinated with magic and hypnosis and then in high school a hypnotist came to his highschool. He hypnotized my friend into stop smoking for a week and I was hooked. In my late teens, early adulthood I found myself smoking, drinking, emotionally eating…full of anxiety and stress. I remembered that hypnotist from high school, and it changed my life.

For more info on Gilles, find him at www.londonhypnotherapycentre.ca 

You meet the nicest people at MoMondays!

For Tickets:  www.momondays.com/london 

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