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Kate Wiggins to be Featured Speaker at momondays London         
January 12th, 2015.
The Western Fair District Carousel Room at 900 King St. London

A Bit About Our Speaker:

Kate Wiggins has worked in the not for profit sector for most of her life. She currently is the senior leader at Women’s Community House where she has worked for the last 12 years. Kate is a feminist and a Buddhist. She is the mother of a lovely son, whose wife has blessed her with 3 delightful grand daughters. In addition to her mom, she lives with an understanding man and 3 rambunctious dogs.

Kate’s story is entitled “Growing Up Marjorie”

This is the abbreviated story of Kate Wiggins’s mother’s incredible life and how it has so completely influenced Kate’s own journey without her even realizing it. From Marjorie’s near death experience as a nine month old, to the loss of her fianc√© during the Second World War, and her marriage to Kate’s father a bomber pilot with PTSD Marjorie has endured and by her example has influenced Kate.

For more info on Kate, find her at www.shelterlondon.org

You meet the nicest people at MoMondays!

For Tickets:  www.momondays.com/london 

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