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When Thomas Edison first discovered the ability to make light, it wasn’t until he had failed to make it happen at least 1000 times.  You see, there is no true roadmap for the greatest of innovation success.  I am talking about those things that have never been developed before.  

There is trial and error and reset, trial and error and reset and having the tenacity to figure out all of the ways you can’t do it before you figure out the way it can be accomplished.

The greatest discoveries in the world did not happen overnight although seemingly to the public eye it is most likely much longer than we think. 

Eradicating life long illnesses, taking flight to the galaxy and developing technology to heights we can’t even comprehend are possible. 

Does it take the brightest minds in the world?  

Yes, quite often it does, but great achievements are also founded by people with resilience, persistence and the wherewithal to build smart teams and to pursue their vision often times with great cost.

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