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How To Be A Gamer Changer In Your Life.

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Just about everyone I meet on my motivational speaking tours sees success as the destination on the road of life.


But when we talk, it is clear that we are trying to reach our goals using a compass that points only to our comfort zones.


When we are guided only by what we know now and what we are comfortable doing now, we rarely can reach a destination of being more than we are now.


We travel far and over many days and months and years, and inevitably, we come right back to the place that we know now, not a new destination of success.


If you really want to have your journey take you to a new level of accomplishment and higher returns, you need to get off the path you are currently on.


To use a term that has become popular now, you have to be a game-changer.

You have to abandon the sign-posts you recognize in your career and move onto that ah-ha horizon where you see something that others taking the same journey don’t.


You have to stay consistently committed to your journey, forever plotting new paths and following them. There is no “me too” in your vocabulary and no urge to just follow the gang.


You pay much more attention to how you can build services or products that meet the needs of others than on the comfort of your own journey.


You determine what has value, and you uphold that value, even when those around you try to diminish your product and you.


You don’t follow the trends, you make the trends. You don’t aim for best practices, you look ahead and discern next practices.


You don’t let the world drain you. Instead you feed off its natural energy and absorb it and turn it into new sources of creativity.


You accept that those who travelled the road before you were brilliant in their own way and their own time and you study what they did and why it worked. And then you build something new and simple and yet profound.


You understand that success isn’t a complicated concept, and the road you take to achieve it doesn’t have to be off the edge of a cliff or down into a quagmire. You just have to perceive it and produce it.


When you launch your first business or profession, you have a tendency to find what works and then keep doing it.


But when you start to overproduce the same product or service repeatedly, you start to lose a bit of your edge. You start to lose yourself and you lose your way. Your creative process becomes polluted.


You have to clean it up, get rid of the mind clutter and look up to see the horizon again.


The morning you realize that you have gone many days without anything new happening, without surprising yourself, and without taking even a minimal risk, that is the day the path under your feet starts to become a rut instead of a road.


If you want to be a game-changer, you have to be willing to risk, to make a new road where now there is only a forest or a grassland. You may fall or become exhausted, but you do not stop. You know you can get up again if you fall.


Even if your work turns dark during a period of your life, you remember there is sunlight somewhere and you readjust your internal compass and you find it again.


Finally, if you want to be a game-changer, you have to have a purpose in mind when you reach that destination. You have to have a story to tell to help others on their journeys. Today, some people call that content. To me it is your story, and when the telling of it opens a new destination point for others, you know you have succeeded.


When you have become a game-changer, you then discover it is a movable pier on the water. It is not a place of comfort, but it is a magnificent vantage point on life. The waters still move to the rhythm of self-doubt, for that is the condition of the curious. You accept that and it doesn’t bother you.


You know it means you are alive and after you catch your breath, you must move on again.


Paula Morand, CSP is a leadership building, revenue boosting, strategy expanding keynote speaker, author and visionary. This dreaming big and being bold leadership expert and brand strategist brings her vibrant energy, humor and wisdom to ignite individuals, organizations and communities to lead change, growth and bold impact. 23 years, 25,000 clients, 19 countries, 13 books, former radio personality, 11x award winning entrepreneur and humorous emcee.

To check out Paula’s book, “Bold Courage: How Owning Your Awesome Changes Everything” go to Amazon http://ow.ly/i8yW307ix67

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