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That Elusive Insight Called Wisdom!

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Living intentionally requires each step to be focused as you commit to owning your awesome. When you add up all of the little steps, you create an unstoppable and powerful force and the foundation of wisdom.  Your journey to owning your awesome is not a race and the small steps along the journey are not only a reality, but an essential and critical part of the process.


In today’s instant society, we typically want success and we want it now.  While that attitude is understandable, true wisdom emerges when we grasp that such an attitude is also unrealistic. Confidence and contentment emerge when we become aware that the steps of the journey are as important as the destination.


We gain wisdom when we are able to give ourselves credit for our hard work and celebrate every milestone of accomplishment. Such a focus forms a foundation for intentional living. You discover that the addition of all the little steps you take on your journey create a powerful life force that is unstoppable. You start slowly and move steadfastly, and ultimately, you are a steamroller on a downhill grade, able to move any obstacle from your path.


Wisdom also emerges when you realize that the joy of those small steps is magnified when you bind them together with time and gratitude. It emerges from the well of genuine understanding of how experiences impact your life. It is through your experiences, your quiet research, your reflective observations and continual learning that true wisdom builds, and as it grows, you discover you have an endless renewable resource that will heighten your understanding of life.


You gain wisdom through the small steps, not the giant leaps.


You may be fortunate enough at some point of your life to make a progressive leap forward. But generally speaking, such an occurrence is really just a lucky break, a win at life’s lottery. By some fluke of fate, all of us can be occasionally in the right place at the right time and reap big rewards. When we analyze it later, we can’t tell from what direction we came or what really happened, and we can’t create a template to do it again. It was just luck. It does not generate further wisdom because it is unlikely that we have the power to repeat it.


But when we achieve our goals and we know what it took and we know how we got there, again we touch on real wisdom. We can recreate the steps again and again and engage in a lifetime of successes. So every time you take a small step on your journey in life, know that you are filling up the well of wisdom. What you are doing has value. It is worth the effort. Even though your destination still seems far away, you are becoming wiser with each hill climbed. When you are wiser, you can do more.


Wisdom is that elusive insight that helps you put your experience and knowledge all into one focused and clear intent. It is like laser insight, piercing through obstacles and illuminating a better path.  Think of each milestone as a production station on the assembly line to creating your own awesome. It moves constantly but in the end, something new and valuable is created.


paulamorandPaula Morand, CSP is a leadership building, revenue boosting, strategy expanding keynote speaker, author and visionary. This dreaming big and being bold expert brings her vibrant energy, humor and wisdom to ignite individuals, organizations and communities to lead change, growth and bold impact. 23 years, 25,000 clients, 19 countries, 11 books, former radio personality, 10x award winning entrepreneur and humorous emcee.

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