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The Legacy That Stays

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Ever since I can remember I have been on a mission to make a difference.  Always being the proverbial go-getter, seeking and doing great work and immersing myself into any and all opportunities was how I approached my life.
Early on it started in school, then with work and moved to local, regional, national and eventually global communities.  As I grow older, I now know it is more about being intentional with the journey I am living and having bold courage to try new things, challenge old thinking and discover new possibilities.   
I created a new discipline for how I think, often challenging my thoughts with making decisions that focus not on what I want to accomplish today but rather how my decisions and actions of today going to impact the legacy that I am building for tomorrow?
Building something of substance takes time, energy and actions that are consistent and aligned to where you want that impact to be. It requires actions that are repeatable and the investment of time, energy and effort going into the right things for the right people at the right time.
If legacy building is something that you care about, then don’t be afraid to challenge your assumptions, stretch your thinking of new opportunities and keep your priorities and actions in check and aligned with your big vision.  
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