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The Smart Approach

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As a young girl I have the fondest of memories especially in the summer season. Those were the carefree days where we left in the morning to play with our friends and stayed outside for the whole day, making sure to come in when the streetlights came on.  

As an adult the days of ‘carefree’ seem to be a thing of the past.  With the responsibilities of marriage, family, work and community opportunities there never seems to be enough time to juggle it all yet at the same time you wouldn’t want anything less.  Or would you?  There are many times in life where we can find ourselves in a state of overwhelm. When life feels a little bit too complicated and you know you need to make changes to your current circumstances. 

It starts with recognizing what is essential and what is not. Of setting priorities for the right things and having the confidence to shut down or change the way you are living your day to day.  It may also require that you get real with yourself, recognizing that your attitude or behaviour might have to shift as it is you and not your circumstances that are causing the overwhelm. 

The good news is that you have the power to make change. Small every day shifts end up reaching big goals.  Consider approaching your day to day life with a different perspective, choosing to not live in a reactive state to your problems or overwhelm but focusing your time and energy on the most important things first. Stop worrying about tomorrow and instead learn to manage your emotions and direct your actions to the most important and appropriate things today. This will slowly move you into a state of calm versus chaos as you develop a new discipline for living life easy.


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