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Courage is born out of the deep desire and willingness to experience some sort of pain or discomfort to get there.  Are you wanting to move yourself to somewhere bigger?  Some perceived or literal huge step from where you are right now.

The reality is, it is often a combination of:
a) a leap of faith and;
b) a plan to take that leap.  

“There once was a young woman who was faced with losing her job.  In the midst of uncertainty and confusion she decided to start asking questions to see if she could solve the problem.   One option was to look for new work or the other option was to create new work.  Entrepreneurship was a term she never heard of but the biggest hurdle was believing she could try.  With one step at a time, she looked back over those six months of transition with amazement. For it is not in the day to day living of your big dream but in the willingness to try to move a little bit closer to your end goal. Within one year she not only was the overcomer of being unemployed but affected a whole community with a new way of helping people move beyond barriers and it started with her.”

What are you willing to try today?  

Thoughts to ponder…

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