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I don’t know where we were taught to go it alone, believing that we should know everything and it would be embarrassing to admit otherwise. Guess what?  A lot of people live with that same message.

If you don’t know the answer to something, then ask for help!
If you need something, ask for help?
If you are in trouble, ask for help!
Don’t be stubborn. Just do it.

And guess what?  The majority of people out there. loved being valued enough to be asked and will most likely give you a helping hand.

Many times our assumptions can get the better of us. We assume that noone will want to help us share ideas for business, to help write that cover letter or fix up a resume or be a listening ear to talk about life’s problems. Whatever it might be, you are wrong.

It takes confidence and courage to ask because being the receiver is often much much harder than being the giver.

You’re worth it!

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