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Life can knocked you done and take you through the ringer some times can’t it? When feeling weary and lost sometimes, being able to make decisions and trust those decisions can become polarizing, keeping you in a place of indecision and stagnation.

The beauty of decisions is that you can always pivot and change directions when you make the choice.  Pick a lane and go confidently toward that direction. Even when you stray on the wrong road, you will always learn something new about yourself, about what you do and don’t want so that you can find the right road to be on.  

Trusting yourself to get through the process of life can be weary at times. Not knowing what God has planned or the next steps can make decision making really difficult.  That is usually the time where you start wrestling and your faith is put to the test.  Know that there is a plan and purpose set out for you.  Jeremiah 29:11 is a favourite verse for many as it promises that God has a plan and a purpose and wants to bring hope to you for your future. Lean on that understanding and appreciate the view as you live through the good times and the bad times of life as down every road there is something to experience. 

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