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I have done a lot of things throughout my life.  From professional theatre, to broadcasting, to marriage, to motherhood, to teaching kayaking and canoeing, to entrepreneurship, to rappelling and hiking through deep caves and the list of thousands of things goes on…

Experiences have solicited feelings of fulfilment, excitement, pride, meaning, purpose and pure joy.  The other side of this is that I have also had experiences where I have disappointed people and myself, I have mourned the loss of those I care about and never had a enough time and been frustrated at things not coming together.  I have failed at entrepreneurship and have let people down.   Living life fully means you have both sides of this coin to experience.

Deep in my heart I choose to make a difference.

My purpose is to help people love and appreciate life, their work and their communities but I know that I have to be anchored into that same vision as well, in order to be authentically true and impactful.

Are you trying to make an impact in your world?  Are you walking the talk and living the best that you can?  Start by keeping yourself inspired.   When you have the “spark”, others see it and feel it and want that too.  Live life fully!  That is best gift to you and to others.

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