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So often we can get caught up with what other people have that we may not have.   We start slipping down the rabbit hole of envy, jealousy and downright anger that what we think we deserve we don’t have.

Have you ever considered that success is a state of mind first?

It is born within and is realized externally but by far the largest impact is the belief that you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

I truly believe that achieving a place of fulfillment and peace is the key to living life fully.  To do this, why not consider being grateful for what you do have. (right now at this moment!)

Look around. I guarantee that you are probably more wealthy (monetarily and materially) than the majority of the population of the world.

Learning to be thankful in everything is an amazing way to turn the tide to a more positive view of yourself and your life.  I have known many a person racing at such a fast pace of life (myself included once upon a time)  trying to chase the proverbial dream and becoming busier and busier, when all along you had the opportunity for real authentic happiness right in front of you.. or should I say inside of you.

Food for thought….

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