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Take time to consider your accomplishments; reflecting on what your investment of time and energy have produced. Often times, we judge how we make an impact only by what we can see. Have you ever considered that the investment that you have made far exceeds what you can imagine?

I have been a pioneer my whole adult life. Taking on new projects and starting new innovative initiatives that may not have been done before. There are so many neat experiences that I was involved in starting but not been the one to continue to implement for a long period of time.

You see, I am the ideas person. That comes easily to me. Ideation, then strategy, then execution. Once the idea is running smoothly, than it is time to train up someone else to take over. I have started to reflect on all of those things I have been involved in over my life time and there are hundreds. I am now just realizing the depth and breadth of those efforts are far deeper and wider than I could ever imagine.

Don’t ever allow yourself to underestimate the importance of making an effort. For it is in the willingness to expend of your talents, abilities and emotional, financial or physical investment that long term impact is achieved.

Just because you may not be there long term to see the fruits of your labour, doesn’t mean the seeds you planted aren’t important or recognized.

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