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Taking the time to just stop, watch and listen often is the best gift that you can give yourself.  How many leaders do you know that are wound up, stressed out and pushed to their limits?  I would guess that if asked none of them schedule in time to be alone and just to be quiet.

We need to do this on so many levels.   Emotionally it allows us to breathe and diffuse negative thoughts. Mentality it gives you a moment to allow other possibilities to present themselves to solve problems or make decisions and physically, your body will love you if you give it a chance to slow down and kick back for a moment or two.  Finally, spiritually, it may remind you that you don’t always have to be in control and that ‘letting go’ may actually increase your life in more ways than one.  You won’t ever know unless you try.  Being quiet and sitting in silence is a learned skill and a very important once that if mastered will keep you grounded, peaceful and productive.

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