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I must admit, I do agree with what the old adage that what you think and what you speak you become.   I have seen first hand when the thrill of riding high on life opens doors to exciting opportunities but have also experienced the flip side of that.  

When fear and trepidation make way for discouragement and unbelief. Living in that space becomes a swirling black hole of negativity and self loathing making it a challenging climb out of it.

Dreaming is essentail to leading more effectively.  Your hopes and dreams matter. They really do. They are the fuel that sparks the passion and the flame to keep going.  Persistence builds resilience and that is so useful in living through the present in the pursuit of the future.

Faith in those things unseen are the key to keeping your hopes high and your defeats minimized.  Just because you can’t see the final outcome, doesn’t mean your steps aren’t being directed and your path made straight so keep going and trust the process. You will most assuredly be challenged to learn, grow and embrace new experiences along the way. 

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