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Let me put it quite simply. You can’t shoot for the moon unless you have the right attitude and commitment. The journey albeit beautiful in many respects is often challenging, lonely and a lot of hard work.

What often sees so far away will once in a while give you a much closer glimpse of what seems so intangible.  It’s kind of like our dreams. You know, those big hairy audacious goals? The pie in the sky, “What if nothing could hold me back?”, kind of dreams.

The big picture seems impossible at the best of times, however, one day something happens or someone says something to you that gives you hope that it really is not as far off in the stars as you once thought.

The power of choice is an absolute gift.

It can be uplifting and strengthen your resolve or the lack of choosing for yourself, can be debilitated and confidence crushing. In the end it’s your life, your choice.  Choose to be amazed and keep seeking opportunities.

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