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Do you know what foot in mouth syndrome is?

You know that moment of stupidity when you say something that you totally regret and wish you could wash your mouth out with soap and take it back.  I know a lot of people suffer from this and I think it is time for an intervention.

It is so easy to cause damage with our words.   Often times what we say is more powerful that anything else and can deeply affect another human being for years to come. That also includes sarcasm. You may think you are being funny but believe me, most times the person on the other end of that sarcastic comment is not thinking the same thing.  It is passive aggressive and it is at the expense of another person.

Do yourself and others a favour and think before you speak.

Choose your words wisely.  Communicating positively and effectively in the best way possible will be the best gift you can offer to all relationships in your life.

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