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READ ALL ABOUT IT! The Headline for today is YOU!

We live in an age where much of our lives are shared either willingly or unwillingly via social media or other forms of communication.

Have you ever considered how you conduct yourself on a day to day basis?

What does your moral compass look like?

Do you have solid core values that can carry you through those difficult decisions and moments in life that are not very comfortable?

Someone once asked me if I had the front page headline in a national newspaper what would I want it to say about me?  I have often thought about that question and I would answer it that I would like my life to be of meaning and purpose. Not for the businesses I have built but more for the character of who I am and how I treated people in my life.  Did I make a difference at all in my own unique small way?

Ask yourself the same question?  How could your life be summed up?  What would you want your headline to look like?

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