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It’s a beautiful thing to have a big dream. 

The kind of big, out there, “Can I really do this?” type of vision.  
It is one thing to grab the dream and start the process, but at some point the speed in which it is moving might turn into frustration or exasperation with the sheer amount of things that must be accomplished.

Through the years, I have experienced both sides of the equation.   My vision, not moving along fast enough in one scenario and in another, having it move so quickly it is nearly impossible to keep up.

I have learned very clearly that the little things matter.  The summation of doing one thing at a time will always keep you inching along the way toward your dream. 

The best way to move along is to make decisions quickly, take action and even if you need to pivot to a new direction at least you are moving.   

There is always a way to keep moving!

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