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That’s right!  Maybe I should rephrase this. Every woman should have the confidence to stand tall and live life like you are wearing that boa.  The boa signifies playfulness and fun. It also signifies to me strength and courage and also a little bit of mischievous.

Years ago I wrote a book called Undeniably Diva completely focused on women and their lack of confidence in themselves and ways to overcome the degrading ways we attach our self worth.

Affirmations: The way you talk to yourself matters.  Start speaking positively.
Circle of Influence:  The people you have around you either lift you up or tear you down ….  choose wisely.
Action:  Start doing things that are for your good and benefit. Eating right, exercise, laughter, playfulness and find work that you love.

These are just a few things that will set you on the road to stepping into the woman that you so deservedly are meant to be.

Give yourself a confidence boost and remind yourself how awesome you are today.

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