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Possibilities are always waiting to be uncovered and discovered. Think about that for a moment. That is so exciting! I was conversing with a client this week who shared that it is not easy for her to think out of the box as she can’t be creative to think of what could actually be outside of the box.

If you have always eaten a red apple, view apples as red and expected apples as red, then how could they be any different? 
Do you actually know if apples were red to begin with or is more important that you experience with apples being red are what matters?

We should constantly be inquisitive enough to continually want to ask questions.   I have said for years that asking “What If” in most any situation can spur conversation, ideation and action.

Having trouble being creative and seeing possibility?  

Let go of what you assume what can and cannot work and just let your mind wander. Think of all of the possibilities before you strike them down as being unattainable and generally unthinkable.  For it is in the unthinkable that true innovation is born. 

Thoughts to ponder….

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