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Felipe Gomes to be Speaker at MoMondays London         
June 9th, The Western Fair District on the Yuk Yuk’s Stage at 900 King St. London

A Bit About Our Speaker:

Felipe Gomes is the President of F.G. International Corp., Aroma Restaurant & Aroma Cafe.  Felipe was born in Lisbon however has been a longtime resident of London for 25 years. He is married with two children and is a passionate community advocate for many causes in our city.   He has a Diploma in Administration and Finance from Cornell University in New York, and has developed extensive executive experience and a respected career within the hospitality and tourism industry.  

Felipe’s  story is entitled “That Sweet Sweet Aroma”. 

In this authentic story, Felipe shares his experience being raised with 13 siblings and what he has learned from his Mother.   He has a self designated masters degree in life teachings and his entire life’s journey so far has been pursuing how to make a better world for those that cross his path.   

You meet the nicest people at MoMondays!

For Tickets:  www.momondays.com/london

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