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Sarah Hilton to be Speaker at MoMondays London         
June 9th, The Western Fair District on the Yuk Yuk’s Stage at 900 King St. London

A Bit About Our Speaker:
Sarah Hilton has worked over 20 years in the Mental Health field. Through her experiences she has come to recognize the importance of speaking out and has taken this mission on. Her passion and her goal for the future; to stop silence, stigma and suicide by speaking out and training workplaces on Mental Health. Sarah shares her story, to help you know it’s ok to share your story.

Sarah’s story is entitled “From Obstacle to Opportunity”.  Through bankruptcy, to succeeding in a successful business of 7 years, there is always a lesson or two. Everyone will have obstacles within their dreams; the answer lies within the obstacle, can you find it? In this story you will hear, see and experience the power of opportunity.

You meet the nicest people at MoMondays!

For Tickets:  www.momondays.com/london

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