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There is nothing more refreshing than meeting people who are comfortable in their own skin.             Those people who like who they are and just love life.  These are the people that make me smile.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being yourself.   And besides, it takes a lot of work and energy trying to be someone that you aren’t anyway.

Shoulders back, chin up, eyes bright and go have an awesome day! Confidence comes easiest when you give yourself permission to just be yourself.

  • Victor Sinclair | Jul 14, 2014 at 4:27 pm

    When we pretend to be somebody else, that we are not, like a glamour star or Mr. Popular, we actually invoke the death of ourselves. Pretty scary. It's also a Huge message to your subconscious that who you are is not worthy so you need to be somebody else in order to have value, when of course it's the exact opposite. Only your unique fingerprint on life and light a brand new candle to share your own message and light to the world.

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