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There is no worse place to be than stuck.  Do you know what I am talking about? Whether it is because of a situation that is holding you back or maybe your own emotions, it is just a frustrating place to be.  I have never been one to feel okay with being out of control. As much as I am a big risk taker, it is usually through thought and calculation. When the moments in life come that really do have me stuck in a place of not being able to problem solve my way through it or I have just gotten in my own way…well, let’s just say the faster I can move past it the better.

Learning how to make decisions and act on them, even if it is one little thing at a time can really help to build new momentum and shift the situation.

I have always lived with the motto of ‘Just One Thing’.   Even though I can juggle a lot of things, at the end of the day I base my success one the little things that I have accomplishment. Every thing matters, even one thing at a time.

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