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Strategies for smarter leadership are key topics for navigating organizational growth in today’s competitive environment.  Trying to find the best ways to “engage” your employees is not the only thing that should be top of mind. Employee engagement may have an impact but planning for long term growth and lasting cultural change should include strategies around organizational alignment.

Not only do your employees want to be better satisfied with their job by feeling validated for good work effort and having a way to make a meaningful contribution through feedback and suggestions; they also want to understand “why” they are there. What does their role have to do with the overall success of the company, and   does their contribution tie into the key areas of importance for their organization?

As a leader, the best way to start building better trust is to increase communication and bring better understanding to your team.   From the top down, articulating what the goal is for everyone to understand in a meaningful and actionable way is the first step to getting momentum happening with action from the bottom up.   Build synergy between employee engagement goals and organizational alignment goals and you will starting building a winning combination.

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