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There are times in life when it’s really hard to make sense of things that unexpectedly happen.
The pain of grief and suffering run deep and there are no answers to be found.

It is during those times,  that we often question what kind of God can allow such things to happen.
It is human nature to do this, to want to direct our anger and grief to something in order to find a way through our frayed emotions.

Learning to trust in the process of life, even when we don’t understand it, is most certainly a very personal and painful journey.  We were never promised a perfect, easy life but we were promised that if we put our trust and faith in a living God that He will direct our path and make things right.

More and more people are struggling with loneliness, fear, grief, stress and increasing mental health issues.  Life is tiring and feeling as though you are going it alone and having to survive another day is even more tiring.

Cling to your faith, even if it is so weak you question if you have any strength to get you through.
Let your faith be the waves that move you to more peaceful waters and not drown you in the storm.

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