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Do you have one and can you stretch your dreaming to make it even bigger?   Having the right mindset makes all the difference. After decades of working with people, I have found that their own limiting beliefs are usually what is stopping them for fulfilling what they are called to do.

Whether it be a new career, pursuing an entrepreneurial vision, embracing their God given mission or to just better their potential. The list of possibilities are endless.  

I have never been too concerned about material wealth and the purchasing of things but rather more interested in the development of myself. Of what I can take on and learn, accomplish and be successful at and at the end of the day, how those experiences can impact myself and others for the good.

When you dream big, you are willing to try more, do more and seek more of yourself. It is doing those things that wisdom is born and sometimes thrust upon you. Is it always easy? 

Absolutely not. When your dreams are in full colour, they become worthy of pursuing.  If it a big stretch dream for you, take heart as  it will always be met with some resistance (both internally, within your self, such as fear and doubt and externally, such as finances, lack of resources, other people getting in the way, etc..).  

That is where passion, resiliency and commitment come in and being able to breathe, smell, hear and almost touch that dream, makes it all worthwhile.

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