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It is so easy to get caught up in the things that you “want” to have.  Those material things that might set you apart in status, bring you comfort or you just “need” to have because you want it and feel you deserve it.

Years ago, while in Central Asia, I met hundreds of children who needed to have a lot of things.  These beautiful children lived in abject poverty and were either abandoned and raising themselves or  surviving with limited means with their families.

I have learned an important lesson throughout the years especially through different people, cultures and situations, that money doesn’t not mean anything unless you can use it for good.  I have learned that love is by far the richest and most meaningful act of kindness that you can show to people.

Want to make a positive difference?  Start with giving people your attention, your concern and before you know it the love in your heart will start a fire of purpose that will set you on a path to “wanting” to figure out how you can do other things to help someone that might be disadvantaged.

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