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One of the most detrimental places to find yourself in as a leader is the land of indecision. That place of fear where it seems impossible to land on the right decision so you do nothing.  Unfortunately, it is quite often in the doing nothing stage that disintegration happens. You lose momentum on a business sale, your employees become disengaged and apathetic and you become disenchanted with the vision you are trying to fulfill.

Making decisions are key to building confidence, gaining momentum and reaching success.  

We make hundreds of decisions every week, some are bigger than others granted but putting it in perspective you need to realize that you are already a pro at making decisions.  

You’ve got this!  

Take a deep breath, check your perspective and see all sides of the equation and … just like ripping a bandaid, sometimes you just have to get it done and the pain goes away.

At the end of the day it’s up to YOU! 

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