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Do you feel in a rut?  Stuck in a place in life where everything seems unfair and not going your way?  

The power of choice can be just the catalyst you need to build new momentum.  

More often than not, our inability to move forward is due to the inability to make a decision.  Do you feel like you are thrust in the land of indecision right now? That place where it feels like you are completely polarized and at a full stop, uncertain on what the right decision should be.  And thus, the perpetual circle of ineffectiveness sets in. Plus, the swirling emotional pull of your confidence going down the drain.

Movement starts when you make the move.  It could quite simply just mean making a small decision to get you started.  If it feels overwhelming just choose something within your control to show you that you are in fact moving forward.

Success may seem like it happens overnight but it usually takes diligence, consistency and focus and there is always a new path to follow.

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