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“Happy Dance”.   Just saying those two words conjures up positivity and light heartedness. In fact I am not sure you can even be in a bad mood in saying “happy dance”. Which leads me to thinking that who needs music to dance?   Really you just need to move, be silly and just release some energy for a moment and it is amazing how much better you feel.

Years ago in my office we used to have a moment to be silly in our weekly team meeting and it really lightened the tone of the office and of our team.  We all have fond memories even today of moments we when could laugh together.  We all know the work we have to do and deadlines in which we need to do them in. Most teams today have very little time to connect with one another let alone notice one another even if they work in the same office as their workloads are so heavy.  It is not hard to find time to stay positive as it will make an impact, even if you don’t think.

So go ahead and do your own happy dance and do it often!   You might just inspire someone else to do the same. And who knows…. you might just start a flash mob with your enthusiasm!

Have a dance filled day!

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