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Have you ever wanted to be one of those people with the coolest idea?  They are the ones that are always living in the hypothetical of “what could be tried next”. Learning to be creative is a discipline and a gift many wish they had more of.  

Not always easy, I have learned that you need to allow your brain an opportunity to discover new ideas by using different ways of cultivating them.  Instead of sitting and staring at your computer for inspiration, here is a list to start you off.

1. Brainstorm with a Flip Chart or White Board or Post It Notes or create a Vision Board
2. Cooking, Baking 
3. Pottery, Playdoh, Knitting, Sewing
4. Colouring, Painting
5. Hiking, Running, Swimming…any sport 
6. Meeting new people
7. Prayer & Meditation
8. Journalling
9. Travelling
10. Rummage yard sales for items to repurpose – a great way to spur ideas.

You see, inspiration and the blooming of new ideas comes from experiencing life.  You start to open up your perspective on how you view the world weighed against the direct knowledge and experiences you have or haven’t had. What is possible suddenly starts to come to life.

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