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My grandmother used to say “Paula, you have two ears and one mouth. Never underestimate how important it is to listen.” 

It seems like technology, social media and our ever increasing responsibilities of life give us every excuse not to be present.   Disciplining yourself to truly listen to people and have them do the same for you is not only respectful but could be the exact remedy for giving someone the gift of knowing that they matter and are viewed as important.   

There is nothing worse than being ignored when trying to talk to someone. 

I am guilty of not listening as well and have to remind myself that moments with others are important and meaningful.  Taking time to hear those things that should be heard and not rush through life is a gift and a privilege.  

If only I would “listen” to my own advice, my days would be filled with moments that I may have just let pass me by. 

Take a moment to;

  • Turn off your phone.
  • Look someone in the eye.
  • Give your employee the gift of time and take notice.
  • Compliment someone on a job well done
  • Close your eyes and listen to what is around you… or enjoy the beauty of silence.
  • Allow someone the gift of hearing their story.

..and the list goes on.

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