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The last week has left me a little numb. Death of a loved one does that to you.

Life can be going along so smoothly and then something happens that makes you look at your life a little differently than before. Life is so precious isn’t it?

I think we underestimate that. I think we also underestimate how quickly time passes and that each one of us has an opportunity to make a difference. I don’t know how long excuses last though.  Time has a way of turning excuses into regrets and time also has a way of make regrets deeper as the time is no longer there to do anything about them.

I am so thankful that I view my life here on Earth as a gift and even though I screw up once in a while, my heart is directed in the right way and through grace, love and respect for others I consider my life and relationships full. Does it always make it easy?  Absolutely not. But it does make it purposeful and priceless.

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